Dry Cider

Wayfinder wild-fermented dry cider

8.5% ABV, 750 ml

Our flagship product, Wayfinder Dry Cider represents the very best of what our land and our apple orchards have to offer. It is at once a simple, unadulterated expression of the fruit and a unique, pleasing cider featuring layers of complex flavors. Thanks to wild fermentation, hands-off techniques, terroir, and varied aging time in barrel, no two vintages of Wayfinder are the same, but they are always refreshing, delicious, and dry.

When we tasted our first vintage, we knew that we had something special that we wanted to share. We built our company around Wayfinder, and not only is it a beverage that we enjoy and that inspires us, it helped us find our way to the life of farming and family that we wanted to live.

Product Highlights

  • Flavors of tart apple, white flowers, and baking spice.
  • Medium body.
  • Aged for nine months in neutral oak barrels.
  • Made using seven different apple varieties including unique and heirloom apple varieties including Gravenstein, which originated in the 17th century, Rome, Akane, and more.
  • 100% of the apples used in our products are grown on our family farm and are picked, crushed, and pressed in-house.
  • Due to the age of our orchards and cultivation of unique apple varieties, our apples are naturally high in sugar resulting in an above average alcohol content of 8.5% ABV.
  • Completely wild yeast and malolactic bacteria fermentation.
  • Unfiltered, unpasteurized, produced and bottled with minimal intervention.
  • Completely dry flavor with zero residual sugar.
  • Bottle conditioning with no forced carbonation.

Wayfinder Lore

Storytelling is at the core of who we are. Enjoy this short piece of fiction inspired by Wayfinder.

Night descended mercifully, a speckled curtain drawing across the sky over a blue black expanse of ocean where a woman floated adrift in an aging dinghy boat, as indistinct as the most distant star flickering faintly above her. Though dehydration-induced delirium had begun to set in, she still felt herself filled with awe looking overhead at that glorious tapestry.

“Thank you,” she whispered through chapped lips to no one in particular, grateful to be spared from the sun’s blistering rays. She felt re-invigorated in the night’s chill, her mind awakening, and began taking stock of her situation. Other than the white, flowing nightgown that she was wearing she had no other clothing. The water in her canteen had been reduced to backwash and only a few sips remained. She had departed without food and had found none in the boat. She hadn’t eaten in three days.

Oars gone overboard, it seemed there was naught to do but wait. She lay back down in the hard bottom of the boat, her despair tinged with a streak of relief at there being nothing more within her power to do. A vague amount of time passed as she lay there, the constellations making their nightly journey across the sky. Suddenly, a light sensation of movement.

With her remaining strength, she hoisted herself up and into the the bow and peered over the edge. The bowline, straight as an arrow shaft, was stretched taut at an angle in front of the boat. For several moments, her plight vanished from her mind and she was wholly steeped in the peculiarity of the moment. The ocean erupted around the small boat, the air filling with salty mist. Her pulse quickened with the initial shock, but did not slow to its normal pace even as realization descended upon her. Gazing intently down into the water before her, she could see it now; the massive shape just beneath the waves, a faint reflection of moonlight off its skin when it emerged above the waves. All around her, the surface of the water teemed with their movement and she was frozen with awe.

Called back to herself by a flashing reflection off the whale's breaching back, she raised her gaze toward the light. Still yet far in the distance, the lighthouse beam pulsed dauntlessly and she knew The Wayfinder had brought her home.