Tempest - Sold Out

Gose Cider

Try Tempest gose cider made locally in Eugene, Oregon

8.5% ABV, 500 ml

If you’ve ever walked against gale-force winds along an Oregon beach or stood on wave-beaten rocks looking out to sea, salt collecting on your skin and in your hair, you know what we mean when we talk about the taste of ocean spray. What you might not know is that this could be the flavor missing in your cider-drinking life.

Tempest gose cider is made in the tradition of the classic German style, meaning it has a tangy, salty and herbal character thanks to spontaneous fermentation and the addition of sea salt and coriander. With flavor notes of citrus, herbs and ocean spray, this medium-bodied, dry cider will transport your senses to the wild, windy seaside cliffs of the Oregon coast. According to our usual practices, Tempest is a farm-to-bottle cider featuring Gravenstein apples and coriander grown on our family farm. Because we could not source the sea salt from our own land, we turned to a local company that embodies the unique Oregonian sense of place we strive to represent with our products: Jacobsen Salt Co. with its Netarts, Oregon-based salt works.

The next time you go for a walk along the strand, the deafening roar of crashing waves in your ears; or a tempest shakes the window panes of your coastal bungalow; or you scramble over weather worn rocks around the tidepools, breathing in the salty air, fortify yourself with a bottle of Tempest. You never know what might emerge from the murky deep.

Product Highlights

  • Citrusy and herbal with notes of ocean spray.
  • Medium body.
  • Made with Gravenstein apples, coriander and Netarts Bay sea salt.
  • 100% estate grown and processed, meaning all ingredients (other than sea salt) were grown, picked, crushed, and pressed by us.
  • Featuring local sea salt harvested in Netarts Bay, Oregon by Jacobsen Salt Co.
  • Wild-fermented with only naturally-occurring yeast.
  • Fermented completely dry with no residual sweetness.
  • Unfiltered, unpasteurized, unfined and produced with minimal intervention and no industrial practices.
  • Bottle conditioned for a gentle, natural carbonation.
  • Pairs well with antipasto, particularly olives and cheese, and seafood.

Tempest Lore

The waters calmed and the tempest’s thunder dulled as I sank. Just before losing consciousness, I saw a dark shape with a flash of scales emerge from the murky deep.

Full Tempest-inspired fiction story coming soon.