2012 Rogue Valley, Oregon

Evenfall Sangiovese has a bold flavor profile of cherry, almond, and more

13.9% ABV, 750 ml

Long before Evenfall was born, Cidermaker/Winemaker Brian had a dream to make wine under his own label. He made this 2012 Rogue Valley Sangiovese in the hopes that in six years — the necessary aging time for wine made in the style of Brunello Riserva — he would have an established label to release it under. And lo and behold, he did! Evenfall is a little different than what he had originally envisioned, but he couldn’t be happier to be breaking the mold and fermenting anything we can grow on our family farm into wine, cider, wine-cider hybrids, and cider-based aperitifs. Having worked in the wine industry for nearly ten years, most recently as the assistant winemaker at J. Scott Cellars in Eugene, Oregon, Brian brings those skills to all of our products, ciders and beyond.

The Evenfall 2012 Rogue Valley Sangiovese is near and dear to our hearts. It was one of the first wines Brian ever made on his own and we served it at our wedding. As delicious as it is, it is a product that we are unlikely to make again as our focus has shifted since 2012 to making nearly 100% estate-grown products. With its bold character, medium body, and notes of cherry, almond, Mediterranean herbs, and tobacco, we hope you’ll enjoy it while it lasts. From Griffin Creek vineyard in Talent, Oregon — a vineyard that Brian had worked with previously as an assistant winemaker — Evenfall Sangiovese is a wonderful expression of what’s possible in Oregon winemaking.

Product Highlights

  • Notes of cherry, almond, Mediterranean herbs and tobacco.
  • Medium body.
  • Grapes from Griffin Creek vineyard in Talent, Oregon (Rogue Valley).
  • Made according to Brunello Riserva aging guidelines, which requires six years aging before release.
  • Aged for four years in barrel and two years in bottle.
  • 2012 vintage.
  • Sangiovese is most famously grown in Tuscany.