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What do you get when you combine traditional fermentation techniques, a multi-generational family farm, and a free-range imagination? Evenfall farm-grown fermentations. At our Eugene, Oregon-based cidery, winery and fermentation house, we produce ciders, perries, wine, and aperitifs from fruit and produce that we grow on our family-owned farm.

We have some stand-by products like our flagship dry cider, Wayfinder, that are available all year round, but many of our products are made in limited or seasonal batches.

Currently, we are just starting to switch over from our old name to the new one (learn more about that here) and only have a handful of our products listed at this point. We have several exciting new beverages in the works, though, so stay tuned! Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on new product releases.

Ciders and Perries

Evenfall ciders and perries are dry, barrel-aged, wild-fermented, unfiltered, unfined, and unpasteurized. All of the fruit that we use is sourced 100% from our 7 acres of apple and pear orchards, including a 60-year-old orchard of Gravenstein and Rome apple varieties. We also have a small orchard containing only cider apple varieties that will come into production in 2018.

Dry Cider


Peach Cider

The Wild
Sidra Natural


2012 Rogue Valley


We can hear your favorite cocktails calling for a little something extra and we promise to have some aperitifs for you soon!

Past Products

Our sold out greatest hits. Take a walk through Evenfall's hall of fame featuring old favorites which may or may not come around again in future vintages.

Unity - Sold Out
Apple & Grape Wine

Denizen - Sold Out
Cherry Cider

Lupine - Sold Out
Hopped Cider

Embers - Sold Out
Ginger Lemongrass Perry

Tempest - Sold Out
Gose Cider

Verdure - Sold Out
Cucumber Lemongrass Cider