Our Story

Brian and Leah Moore toasted their wedding with cider.
Cheers! At our wedding, we toasted with cider, of course.

The Evenfall Origin Story

The story of Evenfall is undeniably a story of passion. It’s a story of hard work, inspiration, delight, heritage, craftsmanship and even love.

Our story begins with Brian, an Oregon winemaker and fourth-generation farmer. After earning a degree in fermentation science from Oregon State University and five years of working in the wine industry, Brian longed to experiment, tinker, and put his name to a product that represented his personal style. Naturally, he considered starting his own winery and planted a small vineyard to start out. But a combination of freaky weather and ravenous birds over several harvest seasons decimated the vineyard and its crops, so Brian began to look elsewhere for fermentation inspiration.

Luckily, he didn’t have to look too far — just down the street in fact — to realize that there were literal tons of apples grown on his parents’ farm just waiting to fulfill their cidery destiny.

Meanwhile, Leah came along. We met and fell in love and were married two and a half years later. We shared a mutual love of working the land and working with our hands. Not to mention an appreciation for good food and well-crafted spirits. Leah brought her knack for business and background in marketing to the table, but she brought something else as well: storytelling and creative writing. A true combination of our individual passions, Evenfall is more than just a brand, it’s a synthesis of who we are.

Brian and Leah Moore planted Evenfall's cider apple orchard in 2015.
Our first planting of cider apple trees in Spring 2015.

Fun Facts About Us

Brian and Leah Moore are native Oregonians and both grew up in the Eugene area.

Leah has a degree in English and creative writing from Barnard College.

Brian has a degree in fermentation science from Oregon State University.

Leah has a bordering on unhealthy oyster obsession. Not kidding. She will not travel without her oyster tasting notebook.

Brian does all of the design work for Evenfall and prints the labels himself on a 1920’s printing press using plates he carves by hand.

We live with our dog and four cats on land that has been farmed by four generations of Brian’s family.