We use windfall and flawed apples in Evenfall ciders to reduce orchard waste.

Making Cider. Telling Stories.

Evenfall is a farm, cidery, winery, and fermentation house based in Eugene, Oregon. A husband-and-wife team, we are farmers, craftspeople, fermentation nerds, and storytellers. By telling the story of the land, crops, and our farming heritage through our products, we hope to spark joy, a sense of community, creativity and inspiration, and connection between people and this beautiful place we live in.

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The antique cider mill and basket press used to crush apples for Evenfall cider.

How We Got Started

Our cidery was founded in 2014 somewhat by accident. Winemaker, cidermaker, and fermentation enthusiast Brian Moore was ready to expand his horizons beyond wine, so he started experimenting with fermenting the windfall and otherwise not saleable apples that his parents grow on their farm, Me & Moore. For our first crush, we used an antique cider mill and manually-operated basket press (pictured left) to crush 3,000 pounds of apples. It took five hours and we got 30 gallons, which is a fraction of the yield we get now with more experience and some updated equipment. The resulting cider, which we had originally only intended to share with friends and family, was an undeniably delicious product and, whoops, we had 75 cases of it, not the ten or so that we’d originally planned to give out around the holidays. And just like that, Evenfall (formerly named Rookshire Lane Orchards, more on that below) was born.

Why the name change?

Our vision for our company, as well as our imaginations, expanded greatly during our first three years and we felt we had somewhat outgrown our original name of Rookshire Lane Orchards. The vibe and our goals had totally changed, so we decided it was time for a fresh start.

The Garden of Hesperides by Ricciardo Meacci (1894)

When we embarked on our search for a new name, we knew that we wanted something rooted in story or folklore. Stories connect people to themselves, to one another, and to our collective human heritage and that’s what we hoped we could do in some small way with our products and their stories. We stumbled across the Greek myth of the Hesperides, who are nymphs of evening and sunset that care for Hera’s orchard of immortality-giving golden apples. Imagery of sunset, evening, the West, orchards, etc. felt very fitting us; locavores, orchardists, and story-lovers that we are. After all, evening is the perfect time to tell stories, come together with friends and family, and enjoy a cocktail or a glass of cider or wine. Evenfall is a turn of the century word for dusk or evening that fell out of fashion in the 1950's. We loved the way it sounds, so that's the name we chose.

With the new name came a new approach to our products. We wanted to create an experience that might spark conversation or inspiration and for each product to have its own distinct personality, so each one has a short story that goes with it. Read up on Evenfall Lore on our product pages.